Moscow is a secret, charming, lyrical as well as rough capital; a ten-million city, in which an individual disappears in the multitude of nations. One would have difficulties in finding solitariness or tranquillity. For all stereotypes, the photographer displays images portraying practically no people; maybe a lonely figure here and there, merging with the background. Her capital seems abandoned, even fantastic, as if after some galactic catastrophe. A real »urban desert«! The photographs function as excerpts taken from a surreal film. Their ramshackle, displaced, manipulative, mirrored perspectives evoke various feelings in observers. In a way, her stories are real, and in a way blurred, dim, dizzy and dream-like. The emphasis is on cold, metal colours, grey, black, greyish blue, dirty green. These notes from Moscow carry with them a touch of the metaphysical de Chirico and the silence of master Magritte. (Urša Pajk)

The exhibition has been opened from February until April 2009 in MONS Exhibition Hall in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


TAMARA VODOPIVEC has been actively engaged in photography since 1997; so far she has had several group and five solo exhibitions:

Stories on the Skin in The Round Tower of Škofja Loka Museum in Škofja Loka (2002), Johary Window in KUD France Prešeren in Ljubljana (2004), Other Reality within IV. Moscow International Festival of Slavic Music in Moscow (2008), Moscow does not believe in Tears in Mons in Ljubljana (2009) and Day of the Oprichnik in Atrium of ZRC SAZU in Ljubljana (2012).



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