An oprichnik was a member of an organization established by Tsar Ivan the Terrible to govern the division of Russia known as the Oprichnina (1565-1572). Modern meaning of the word oprichnik also has an additional negative connotation of a follower or associate of a hated ruling man or power. In each of the photo collages there is a man in a uniform with two scenes from Russian environment in the background. Beautiful sceneries are obvious antipodes of the guardians of law and order. In Russia you can see these pillars of strength everywhere, around every corner, and they are trying to inspire awe, respect or even fear. They have become a traditional element of the Russian everyday life, an element, which common people prefer to avoid as it is more likely to be associated with discomfort and distrust than with safety and protection. »Day of the Oprichnik« is also a 2006 novel by the famous Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin.

Exhibition Day of the Oprichnik has been opened from September until December 2012 in ZRC SAZU (LP BAR) in Ljubljana, Slovenija.


TAMARA VODOPIVEC has been actively engaged in photography since 1997; so far she has had several group and five solo exhibitions:

Stories on the Skin in The Round Tower of Škofja Loka Museum in Škofja Loka (2002), Johary Window in KUD France Prešeren in Ljubljana (2004), Other Reality within IV. Moscow International Festival of Slavic Music in Moscow (2008), Moscow does not believe in Tears in Mons in Ljubljana (2009) and Day of the Oprichnik in Atrium of ZRC SAZU in Ljubljana (2012).



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